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The Journal of an Engineer

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I recently received my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, and I speak Italian. I probably won't update this terribly often, but I'll do my best to keep it accurate and up to date as possible.

Otherwise, I'm Presbyterian. I used to drive a 19 year old Mazda, which I'd had painted bright green. It was perfect, my dream car, and it was mine. I'd grown fairly attached to it after spending so many weekends underneath the hood and working on the electrical system. Then I got hit by an truck driver running a REALLY red light, and my car was totaled. I now drive a 7 year old Mazda. My Mazda saved my life. I'll never own a non-Mazda.

I'm fairly good natured, and handy around the house. Of course, this means I'm often being called over by friends and neighbors to take a look at some darned piece of equipment that's suffering somehow. But it's a fine thing to be useful, so I help out where I can when my new accident-incurred injuries allow.